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Friends & Helpful Ceramics Links

We actually like or recommend these people to help you in your ceramics endeavors.

  • Alligator Clay Company and Southern Pottery Equipment & Supplies
    In Baton Rouge this is the place to get all your ceramics equipment, sign up for pottery classes and get in touch with the ceramics community. Ask for BIll Newman and tell him 'Go Tigers!"
  • Red Fern Urns
    This website is jaime's other ceramics endeavor... cast ceramic urns with just the right personal touch to remember your dearly departed pet.
  • Skutt Kilns
    All three of our kilns are Skutt kilns and we find them to be a favorite amongs artisans but now and then we do run into problems.
  • Spectrum Glazes
    There is no better place to find the right color for your item than Spectrum Glazes.
  • Hydrobat
    I wouldn't say we recommend this but it can be very helpful for beginners.
  • Sherrill Mud Tools
    To shape and curve your spinning clay the Sherrill Mud Tools are perfect.
  • Shimpo Ceramics
    Wheels wheels wheels... these are the best!