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Jaime Miller's Little Pottery Studio behind our home in the Baton Rouge Garden District neighborhood.

A Short Story

Behind our home is a wonderous place where friends chat, children play and Jaime spins her wheel. Piece by piece the parts of this studio puzzle have been coming together since 1993 when Jaime first took an intereste in ceramics and began her studies at Louisiana State University. Since then we have enjoyed many works and all kinds of friends and supporters who we heartily thank for their patronage.


The Potter and her pottery

In different hands pottery is different things. It can be the canvas on which the artist paints, it can be the stone from which gracious animations come to life, and to some it can be the very fabric of the earth. When I see it in Jaime's hands I see it as love formed and provided tangibly to enjoy forever. Mud mixed with heart and soul becomes a cup that you can hold in your hands and feel an echo of the artist. It has a simplicity with charm and a unique flavor that bonds you with her as you take it to your lips or hold its warmth in your hands. Somehow special and hearfelt now you feel hightened as you enjoy that which you always have in a brand new way. The coffee is crisper, the soup is heartier, the water is sharper and inside you smile.

No one sits down at a wheel to spin their first perfect shape. It takes trial and time, years in fact. With such admirable quality so many forms come up off the batton only to crack in the first phase of drying or explode in the second. A drop too much glaze or a new thinner mix in hand could at any time ruin the most promising pieces. So many kinds of clay, so many temperatures, so many glazes, colors and combinations... so so much to know and study.

Only a few years after beginning her work Jaime began to sell annually for Christmas sales. Since then there have been many showings at festivals and shows; many happy customers, many calls for more.


The Website

To assist where I could I created this website which is not much hers at all. It is my little work in progress to try and connect all those that would like an easy way to purchase her works and check in quickly to see what the latest items and styles are.

Neither do I have the time nor does she have the impetus to maintain a website so the rule here is to keep it simple so that we can keep it going. Each piece is given one photo that I take no great measures to shoot. I clear the background, snap the shot and upload it to the site with a price and a title and that's about it. The color may not be exact between the light cast on the subject and the screen you're looking through but it is... close enough. I avoid great considerations of time in explaining or describing the pieces as that could really drag down the site maintenance so instead I engineered a way that you can ask 'us' about a piece if the picture doesn't quite do it for you.

Most every piece is unique; so the only other big consideration was to make is so that once the item is claimed it doesn't get sold again. To make transactions easy with either checks or credit cards we designed a way to flag a claimed item while we wait for payment to come through. Our system is pretty foolproof to make sure that you get the very item you see in the picture - not one similar!

I plan to keep up with it so do come back now and again - and tell your friends to visit if you dare. Around Christmas especially we will be putting a lot of items up even though the studio is open and the locals will have access to buy directly should they so choose. I hope you find this to be much like the best kept secret I mentioned before and that if you take home a treasure you enjoy it for many years to come. By the way - you can microwave the Dickens out of high-fired pottery! If you have any questions or comments please use our contact form to let us know.

Paul Miller